Under the AANR banner, we continue to live, plan, and work together in ways that challenge many assumptions of the world around us, including presuppositions about human sexuality, social life, privacy, transparency, and morality. Our forerunners have worked and fought for the privileges nudists enjoy today, although the struggle for our nudist way of life is far from over.

We long for the day:

  • when body acceptance is the norm rather than the exception;
  • when fear of social nudity by the general public is greatly diminished;
  • when all major metropolitan areas within the region have community-accepted areas for clothing-optional social nudity;
  • when nudists within the region talk freely about their clothing optional activities with family and friends and are comfortable having their name and images associated with social nudity in the media;
  • when a large segment of the region’s non-nudist population occasionally participate in clothing optional activities;
  • when teenagers are more accepting of their bodies and the mystery about the human body is reduced; their romantic relationships focus more on interpersonal relationships and result in more mature and long-lasting relationships and fewer unintended consequences;
  • when people who are widely known as nudists serve as political and community leaders within the region;
  • when the differences between social nudity and sexually oriented businesses are widely recognized by the region’s communities and their leaders;
  • when nudist venues will be places where positive and life-affirming support can be found, persons aggrieved by repressive social norms can find healing and resources for body acceptance issues, and where being naked can be experienced as something to be enjoyed for the sheer pleasure and freedom that social nudity brings.
  • We recognize that what is kept deliberately hidden has an unnatural power to obsess us and that many people are terrified of the many manifestations of human sexuality. Yet we envision and will attempt to create a world in which different manifestations of human sexuality are accepted and even valued.