BODY ACCEPTACE: As a result of our advocacy and example, the practice of both private and social nudity will be accepted as the norm. Nudists as well as other persons in our North American context will develop positive attitudes toward their body. They will see that the human body is decent and that indecency is found only in people’s thoughts and fears. Nudist facilities will be used to develop dynamic communities in which the puritanical rejection of the human body is no longer dominant. Body acceptance is our dream. Persons will be accepted regardless of their body type. The uniqueness of each person will be far more important than what their bodies look like.

Our members will be able to experience body freedom, freedom from labels, to be comfortable in their own skin, who live lives that are open and transparent, and who recognize that nakedness is separable from sexuality.

Our cause demonstrates an advocacy challenge that includes education awareness of the sexual innuendos associated with nude recreation. Swingers and orgiastic activities which are a prelude to free and indiscriminate sex are a separate life far different from nudism. The truth is that nudists bring their sexuality out into the open, but its power to intimidate is removed. Nudists can control their own sexuality and through this understanding, nudists lose the fears of their bodies that are associated with sexuality.

Freedom. Gatherings of nudists in our facilities and other venues will provide a context in which people can be who they are, free from oppressive conformity to artificial cultural norms. All nudists will practice freedom from social trappings and from social status based on accumulation.

All people will be seen and treated as equals. Social class differences and other artificial forces that place barriers among people will no longer be visible. Our advocacy efforts will contribute to a larger society in which persons can practice nudity without fear of legal or social oppression.

Our nudist belief is that clothing is very often simply superfluous and an encumbrance, though sometimes it is beneficial for comfort and protection. But whenever clothing is truly unnecessary for comfort or protection, there are many benefits to just do without it, especially in the company of others who agree – all the while granting others the right to dress or not in the manner that seems best to them.

Recognizing that nudism is a way of thinking, perceiving, and behaving that challenges predominant social norms that have been inherited from Puritanism and reinforced by massive advertising campaigns by textile industries. The practice of social nudism in AANR-East involves not only providing opportunity for nude recreation but also clearing away traditional but erroneous myths, prejudices, and preconceptions that stand in the way of greater interpersonal understanding, self-acceptance, acceptance of others, and growth.