Harmony. Harmony involves two elements, harmony with nature and harmony with our fellow nudists. The nudist facilities and venues within AANR-East will be places where people live in harmony with nature, rather than as exploiters of the planet. Nudists will be environmentally conscious and recognize the need for all persons to develop ways of living that protect and enhance our environment. We will live close to nature and view ourselves and our bodies as part of the natural world. We will attempt to live a healthy life and adopt a healthy life-style.

Harmony with our fellow nudists involves the recognition that movements benefit from clear examples of what the movement is seeking. Gatherings of nudists will attempt to manifest the harmony they proclaim. They will welcome diversity of ideas, open exchange of opinions, and efforts to build consensus, demonstrating a quality of life together that reinforces one another’s sense of self-worth and importance. Harmony is not chaos, nor is it peace at any price. Nudist gatherings will allow for multiple paths as long as they all lead to the same goal of vibrant and harmonious nudist communities.

Respect. The facilities and venues within AANR-East will practice respect for all users and for nature. They will provide settings in which there is more regard for persons and less regard for wealth, position, nationality, race, or gender.
Gatherings of nudists in our facilities and other venues will demonstrate a world in which people can live openly with one another. We know that what is kept deliberately hidden has an unnatural power to obsess us and that many people are terrified of the many manifestations of human sexuality. Yet we envision and attempt to create a world in which different manifestations of human sexuality are accepted and even valued.