Government Affairs Introduction

Why is Government Affairs Important?

AANR’s Government Affairs Team (GAT) has done an excellent job of protecting the rights of nudists throughout the 50 States. These efforts have stopped a multitude of anti-nudity legislation at the Federal and State levels. The threat is very real. There are individuals, groups, and official organizations that would like to take away your right to participate in nude recreation. Since 1996, fewer States are generating anti-nudity bills and fewer bills are being proposed. The threat is not going away though. Anti-nudity legislation is simply shifting to the local level as more city and county ordinances are being proposed.

What do GAT volunteers do?

A Volunteer Coordinator for each of the 20 States in our Region will be setting up a volunteer network. The volunteers will work at the local level in towns, cities, and counties throughout each State. As the “eyes and ears” of the GAT, volunteers can alert the State Coordinators to pending anti-nudity legislation. How do you find out about the legislation? Generally, just doing what you do every day—read the local newspaper, attend town council, PTA, or Chamber of Commerce meetings, and watch the local newscast. Volunteers will receive training and information on how to report a perceived threat to recreational nudism. Volunteers may also be asked to discuss the law with local officials and/or propose different language. If a volunteer is not comfortable in this role, another member of the GAT will be asked to assist. The goal is to proactively respond to planned legislation instead of reacting once it is already in force.

No affiliated nudist club or skinny-dipping beach in your area? Don’t forget the future!

A law that is targeted at pornography, sex clubs, strip joints, indecent exposure, etc. may include broad language that would impact nudity in an appropriate setting. This appropriate setting could be your backyard pool or a future affiliated nudist resort in the area. The GAT works to protect your rights as a nudist NOW and in the FUTURE.

Ready to volunteer? Need more information?

Read about our national Government Affairs initiatives or contact the national
Government Affairs Chair.