Hosting a Summer Meeting

This is a guide for all Clubs who would like to host an AANR-East Convention or Interim Board Meeting.  The requirements are contained in the AANR-East Ruling Documents along with the Application and Contract.  With prior mutual agreement, contractual negotiations may be agreed to based on the varying facilities of individual Clubs.

A Practical Guide to Hosting an

AANR-East Business Meeting

Hosting an AANR-East Business Meeting is really very simple. We need lodging, food, a place to conduct meetings and minor logistic support from your Club. This pamphlet provides an idea as to what is required to host a Business Meeting. We want your Club to know what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. The purpose is to minimize problems arising from misunderstandings or insufficient communications. This pamphlet will help you plan and execute a successful meeting.

AANR-East Business Meetings

AANR-East conducts several annual in-person business meetings and numerous telephone conferences or online business meetings throughout the year. These meetings are as follows:

Annual Convention – The Annual Convention is held during the summer months and is required by the Statutes of Florida, where AANR-East is incorporated. It consists of Committee Meetings, Outboard and Inboard Meetings and the Regional Assembly. These meetings typically last from three to four days. Staff, members and guests are welcome at all meetings, with the exception of Executive Sessions. Executive Sessions are attended only by the Officers (President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer), Directors and Trustees and address matters of an extremely sensitive nature such as establishing the salary and/or a bonus for the Secretary/Treasurer, the only paid employee of AANR-East.

Committee Meetings – This is the first order of business. These meetings last about a day-and-a-half and consist of committee reports and discussions. They are open, very informal meetings where everyone’s input is welcome.

Outboard Meeting – The Outboard Meeting is a formal Meeting conducted by our Officers and Directors consisting of various reports, special assignments (such as Tally and Audit Committees), approval of Minutes of the previous Interim Board Meeting, and Old and New Business. At this meeting, Associate Member Delegates are elected to the Regional Assembly.

Regional Assembly – The Regional Assembly is a formal Business Meeting and is comprised of the Directors, Officers, and elected Club and Associate Member Delegates. After the opening ceremonies, which generally include remarks from a representative of your Club and an official from AANR, Delegates are seated and briefed on their responsibilities. After approval of the previous year’s Regional Assembly minutes, Officers, Trustees and Committee Team activities are reported. This is followed by results of the Audit Committee and Tally Committee and, every other year, election of a President and Vice President. Results of the mail ballot are read. The mail ballot elects Directors and ratifies or acts upon any Bylaws changes. After presentation of Regional Awards, the newly-elected Directors and, if appropriate, Officers are installed.

Inboard Meeting – This is a short formal Meeting conducted by our Officers and Directors (existing or newly-elected). It usually lasts less than two hours and concludes the Annual Convention. Minimal business is conducted at this meeting other than selecting the Host Club for the following year’s Convention and appointing the Nomination Chair.

Interim Board Meeting – The Interim Board Meeting is held early in the new year and lasts two to two-and-a-half-days. During the first day, we discuss Committee reports and projects. This is an informal meeting and input is welcome. The following day is devoted almost exclusively to establishing a budget for the year. After several hours of adjusting line item funding, a budget is finalized. This is followed by a short, formal meeting.  After approving the minutes of the previous Inboard and Outboard Meetings, any outstanding Committee reports are discussed. After selecting the Host Club for the following year’s Interim Board Meeting, the budget is approved.

Conference Calls and Email – Throughout the year, Officers, Directors and volunteers participate in numerous conference calls and email discussions. Conference calls may consist of the full Board, Officers only, or Committee Teams. Conference calls and email correspondence are also used to discuss and vote on changes to the Procedure Manual or various other motions and to elect new Officers and/or Directors should a vacancy occur more than 60 days before a scheduled in-person Board Meeting.

What You Can Expect From Us

We arrive, we meet and we depart. Sounds simple, but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. Things have a way of falling through the cracks. Most problems that arise are due to misunderstandings or miscommunications. Both AANR-East and your Club want a successful meeting, free of problems and with everyone departing happy.

In the months prior to the meeting, the Conventions Chair and the Secretary/Treasurer will be in touch with your Club through telephone calls and emails. You will receive a copy of the Contract several months in advance which you should read carefully. If you do not fully understand something, please ask. About a month before the meeting, you will receive a copy of the meeting agenda.

AANR-East Officials and volunteers are responsible for making their own lodging reservations with your Club or in the local community. You should know on what days they will be arriving and departing. The AANR-East Officers will likely arrive two days prior to the meeting with the remaining Officials, Members and volunteers arriving the day before or day of the start of meetings.

On the day prior to the meetings, the Officers will like to meet with the owner(s) and/or manager(s) of your Club. They will also be available to meet with other staff and members. Informal discussions will update you on what AANR-East is doing for our Region and your Club and will give you the opportunity to address any problems or concerns about the meeting, with AANR-East, AANR, or your Club.

By this point, the Secretary/Treasurer will have already discussed food service with your Club. If you are planning on offering food service only during the meetings, our Officials will make arrangements to dine elsewhere on days you will not be providing food service. If you will be offering food service prior to the meetings, the Secretary/Treasurer will inform you if our Officials plan on dining out on the evening prior to the meetings. During our stay, do not assume that all Officials will eat all three meals at your facility. Many individuals do not consume three full meals a day but rather one or two large meals along with snacks.

Our meetings are intense and we have little time for lengthy lunch breaks. We will obtain a lunch menu, our members will select what they want and their orders will be delivered to your kitchen staff by mid-morning. We will either pick up our meals in the restaurant during the lunch break or arrange to have them delivered to the meeting area.

We may have members with special dietary needs of which you and/or your food service personnel will be made aware in advance.

We will be busy in meetings while at your Club. Meetings will last all day and sometimes into the evening hours. Side-bar meetings between small groups of Officials may extend into the night. We try to participate in any activities you may have scheduled, but please do not feel like we do not appreciate your efforts if some of our members do not attend. They are probably at a meeting elsewhere.

Please do not assume anything. If you are unsure, call or email us. We are all humans and can make mistakes. Let us work together and have a successful meeting.

What We Expect From You

Most importantly, we expect you to keep us informed of any problems, potential problems or concerns prior to or during the meetings. Please do not wait until the last minute to notify us. We cannot fix a problem of which we are not aware and it is best to take care of minor problems before they become major ones.

We need an area to hold our meetings, preferably an indoor area that can be secured at night. An outdoor area, under a pavilion or tent canopy, is also acceptable during the summer months. However, we would still need a nearby area to store, on an overnight basis, sound equipment, computers and paperwork unless the tables and equipment can be covered with tarps to protect them from weather and unless the area is watched by your security.

If the meeting is in an indoor shared area (e.g., a dining facility or recreation hall), we will need to move our tables and equipment to one side rather than completely disassembling them. Besides our sound system, most of our Officials will bring laptop computers and there will also be handouts for meeting attendees. We strongly prefer that this area be secured after-hours so computers and paperwork can be left in the room.

If meetings are held outdoors, we will need electricity for our sound equipment and computers. We will bring our own extension cords and power strips, but may need your Club to provide longer extension cords if electrical outlets are not nearby. The area should also be located in a relatively quiet area free from interruptions.

The meeting area should be stocked throughout the day with drinks (i.e., coffee, juice, soft drinks, and water), ice, light snacks, and condiments. For morning snacks, we suggest sweet rolls, donuts and/or muffins, and for afternoon snacks, cookies, crackers, and/or nuts. Whatever food is chosen should not dry out or spoil if left sitting all afternoon. We will reimburse you for the cost of drinks and snacks, up to a reasonable cost.

We strongly prefer access to broadband Internet since one or more of our Officials may participate in our meetings remotely via video conference and we may need to access our Web site.

We will bring and set up our own sound system. Preferably, your Club should have a back-up sound system. We will need chairs and tables set up in advance in the meeting area. For an Interim Board Meeting, we will need about 30 chairs and for a Convention, about 50 chairs. We will discuss beforehand the types of tables we will need and how they should be arranged. There will be Officials on your grounds prior to the meeting available to assist.

Some of our Officials and other meeting attendees may have physical challenges; therefore, any meeting area must be accessible to them.

We must be made aware, a reasonable time in advance, of your Club’s policy towards alcoholic beverages. If you have a State liquor license, we must know if there are exclusion areas which prohibit consumption of alcoholic beverages not purchased from your Club. We will respect all of your rules and regulations of which we are aware.

Please ensure that your members are aware that we are having a meeting and that they are welcome to attend. We also encourage attendance by Club owners and management. We strongly feel it is important for AANR-East Members, Club owners, and management to know their Regional Officials and what we are doing for them.

You will be hosting an evening “Meet and Greet” social. AANR-East will reimburse you up to the predetermined amount. We suggest wine and cheese with a variety of light snacks. Suggested snacks are cheese, crackers, dips and a variety of raw veggies. Please publicize the time and place of this social and encourage attendance as this function is open to all members and guests at your Club. We want to meet your members and have them get to know who we are and what we do.


We want your Club not only to remember our Business Meeting as an enjoyable experience but also want you to bid to host future meetings. We are not happy unless you are happy with the experience. Your comments and constructive criticism are welcome and will be considered as lessons learned for future meetings. Please be honest and up-front with us. We learn from our mistakes so it is important that we discuss any issues in the open. If you have any suggestions to improve this pamphlet, or if we have left anything out, please let us know. We are grateful for the privilege of being invited to host our meetings at your Club.