AANR-East is a political and cultural membership organization that advocates for body acceptance.
Our mission is to promote and support societal acceptance of social nudity in our region.
AANR-East is one of seven Regions with affiliated Clubs which promote family social nudity in their geographic areas.

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Our Guiding Vision

We, the leaders and members of AANR-East, understand ourselves to be part of a cultural and political movement promoting and supporting social nudity.  We envision that users of nudist venues (clubs, beaches, parks, public lands, and other facilities) will understand themselves to be communities that model healthy ways of living and associating.  Under the AANR banner, we continue to live, plan, and work together in ways that challenge many assumptions of the world around us, including presuppositions about human sexuality, social life, privacy, transparency, and morality.  Our forerunners have worked and fought for the privileges nudists enjoy today, although the struggle for our nudist way of life is far from over.

Our Strategic Intent

The Guiding Vision points the way to the future we desire.  The Mission Statement clarifies what business we’re in.  Strategic Intent clarifies what AANR-East must get after immediately in order to realize the Guiding Vision and fulfill its Mission.  Strategic Intent provides a specific point of view of the future aspired.  It conveys a sense of direction, provides an opportunity to explore new possibilities, and stimulates a sense of discovery.  The most important role of Strategic Intent is (1) to bring more clarity to the Guiding Vision in a form that people can remember, (2) to help leaders and members focus their efforts, and (3) to motivate people by challenging them to make a difference.