From the President

HAPPY NUDE YEAR As we all sit in our homes trying to stay warm during this massive artic air blast, I begin to think of the Skinny Dip which will be on July 11. It is exciting to meditate on the warm weather and even more exhilarating to know we will be skinny dipping again. I would like to challenge you to bring one non nudist friend to attend the skinny dip, even if it is in your own hot tub. By inviting a friend to “Feel the Freedom” you have made a difference in one person’s life, perhaps forever. I am looking forward to warmer weather, visiting clubs and to thank all of our members for your continued support of AANR-East as we continue to Make Social Nudity Cool. Sunshine and Smiles!!

Roving Ambassadors

It’s winter and the motor home has been winterized and parked in its cold weather home. All of your officers and directors will be at White Tail Resort in Ivor, Virginia for our Interim Board Meeting on January 23 – 24, 2015, so if you are in the area stop by and join us. In February we will be on the Nude Cruise so if you see us stop and say “Hi”. If you received a wristband from us over the summer don’t forget to wear it on the cruise and show everyone what it means to “Make Social Nudity Cool”. It will be great to feel some warm summer like weather, meet new friends, have fun with nudist we have already met and enjoy all the amenities the ship has to offer. By the time March rolls around we will be looking at the summer schedule. Looking forward to seeing all our nudist friends soon.


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